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NXT 124 - Jordan Piazza | ReBirth Brands

March 07, 2024 Andrew McLindon Season 4 Episode 124
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 124 - Jordan Piazza | ReBirth Brands
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Jordan Piazza is the Founder of ReBirth Brands. He started this company to revitalize brands in the Baton Rouge area and take their reputation to new heights with reformed management tactics. Jordan has a long list of experience in the hospitality industry growing up inside a local favorite, Phil's, which was founded by his late father. After working at top companies such as Walk-on's and Raising Canes early on in his career; Jordan was able to take the best business practices and apply it to his first big revitalization project with his brother - reopening Phil's in honor of his dad. Hospitality is definitely in his blood, because he now helps manages many trailblazers in the area such as Uncle Earl's, Schlitts & Giggles, and The Caterie. At one point in his career, he even ran for Major of Baton Rouge! We enjoyed learning about Jordan Piazza’s journey thus far; can’t wait to hear what y’all think of this one!

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Guest Introductions
Second Generation of Business
Impact of Father
Working Through College
Raising Canes
Reopening Phil's
First Time in Business
Challenges Running a Business
Beyond Phil's
Impact of Covid
ReBirth Brands
Rebranding Old Businesses
Working at the Original Caterie
Dabbling in Politics
Hopes for Baton Rouge
Work Life Balance
Long Term Vision
Closing Remarks