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NXT 122 - CC Lockwood | Wildlife Photographer

February 08, 2024 Andrew McLindon Season 4 Episode 122
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 122 - CC Lockwood | Wildlife Photographer
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CC Lockwood, Wildlife Photographer + Author, is a Louisiana Legend that has been at the forefront of his field since the 70s. He did not always dream of being a photographer; it was more like the opportunity fell into his lap and he never looked back. And thank goodness for that! CC started his career in a time where digital photos did not exist; each shot had to be incredibly precise and intentional. In this episode his does tell a story about his first project where he needed to upload his photos digitally and the struggles that came along with that task – having to knock on strangers’ doors for help. Enjoy listening to the full episode to learn more about CC!

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CC Lockwood Timestamps:
0:00 Hook
0:35 NXT Intro
0:56 b1BANK Commercial
2:04 Guest Introductions
2:52 What CC Does Today
3:28 KC to BR
6:33 Working with a Camera
6:50 LSU Newspaper
7:46 Big Horn Sheep
9:16 Becoming a Wildlife Photographer
11:15 Atchafalaya Basin
14:07 Levee System
14:53 Further Education
16:10 First Projects
18:56 Journey Through His Projects
21:20 First Book
22:27 Writing vs Photography
25:05 Second Book
26:30 Discovering Louisiana
30:58 Fifth Book
32:37 The Grand Canyon
36:17 Mississippi River Adventure
40:13 Still Waters
44:06 Alligators
44:59 Mike the Tiger
45:51 Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands
47:20 Meeting His Wife
50:14 Living on a House Boat
51:59 Most Recent Book
53:12 Sustainable Agriculture
54:33 Wildlife Enthusiast
55:39 Suba diving
56:43 Equipment
58:59 Louisiana Stamp
1:01:29 The Future
1:03:56 Closing Remarks

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NXT Intro
b1BANK Commercial
Guest Introductions
What CC Does Today
KC to BR
Working with a Camera
LSU Newspaper
Big Horn Sheep
Becoming a Wildlife Photographer
Atchafalaya Basin
Levee System
Further Education
First Projects
Journey Through His Projects
First Book
Writing vs Photography
Second Book
Discovering Louisiana
Fifth Book
The Grand Canyon
Mississippi River Adventure
Still Waters
Mike the Tiger
Capturing the Vanishing Wetlands
Meeting His Wife
Living on a House Boat
Most Recent Book
Sustainable Agriculture
Wildlife Enthusiast
Suba Diving
Louisiana Stamp
The Future
Closing Remarks