The NXT Entrepreneur

NXT 118 - David Rozas | Rozas + Associates Law Firm

August 03, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 118
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 118 - David Rozas | Rozas + Associates Law Firm
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David Rozas is the Founding Member and Partner at Rozas & Associates Law Firm. David grew up 1 of 7 siblings, making his mark on the world in true middle child fashion. Life for him was an uphill battle regarding education, language barriers, and sobriety. This episode covers his journey before deciding to start his own business - it definitely was not a straight path to get there, but now 8 years later, success has been achieved. Rozas & Associates Law Firm is rapidly growing in the area with 17 lawyers on staff, 40+ employees, and 120 - 180 clients a month. Fun fact: David's journey led him to almost being a standup comedian.

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Higher Education
Dream to be a Pilot
Time in the Military
Learning Different Languages
Central American
School in Louisiana
Working at a Coffee Shop
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Getting Sober
Graduate School
Stand Up Comedy
Law School
Join a Practice with his Brother
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Dreaming Bigger
Rapid Growth
Client Interactions
1st Class
Grand Canyon Run
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