The NXT Entrepreneur

NXT 113 - Jeremy McKane |

June 01, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 113
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 113 - Jeremy McKane |
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Jeremy McKane, Founder + CEO of OCN, uses the power of his art and technological advancements of data collection to bring an increase of awareness to what is going on in our oceans. Through his art and captivating mindset, he earned a seat at the table at many of the largest environmental discussions around the world, such as the Paris Agreement. He is also the Co-Founder of Ultramarine, member of The Explorers Club, ambassador for 5Gyres and Coral Gardeners, creator of The LUCiD Project, and much more! What Jeremy does is inspiring, and we encourage you to check out his latest projects at +

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