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NXT 111 - Blair Casey | Team Gleason Foundation

May 04, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 111
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 111 - Blair Casey | Team Gleason Foundation
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Blair Casey is the Executive Director of the @teamgleason Foundation. Their main mission is to empower those with ALS by giving them purpose, independence, and technology to live their life to the fullest. Blair grew up in New Orleans, has 3 undergraduate degrees, 3 masters, and speaks multiple languages. When he got the message of Steve Gleason's diagnosis, his whole world changed. Blair has been a part of the Gleason Family Team for 11+ years helping with the foundation and being a true friend to Steve. There was so much covered in this episode and could've gone on for another hour. Steve Gleason's journey and what Blair has helped accomplish is remarkable. This foundation has brought tremendous awareness to ALS not only locally but globally as all.

In reference to the Team Gleason Adventure. . .
“Life experience - it's everything leading up to it, it's everything you experience during it and it's the story you tell after it.”
- Blair Casey

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Guest Introductions
Awareness of Steve Gleason
Punt of Hope
The Diagnosis
Documenting the Journey
Living with ALS
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Turn Key Solutions
Team Gleason
Assistive Technology
Advocacy Efforts
Culture and Adventure
The Adventure Program
Climbing Machu Picchu
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The Gleason House
Steve Writing Speeches
Rebirth Statue
Supporting the Gleason Family
Closing Remarks