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NXT 110 - Jency Griffin Hogan | Love Acting Studio

April 27, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 110
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 110 - Jency Griffin Hogan | Love Acting Studio
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Jency Griffin Hogan is an Actress, Director, Producer and Owner of Love Acting - Film Acting Studio. Love Acting is located in Baton Rouge, LA, offering acting classes to people of all ages (5+). Jency, originally from the Baton Rouge area, went to college at LA Tech in Northern Louisiana. Immediately after graduation she and a friend traveled to the City of Angels (L.A.) to pursue her career as an actress. In this episode she talks about the moment of when she chose acting as a career path, the struggles of being among "starving artists" in L.A., returning to the booming film industry in Louisiana, and her passion for making films/shorts. The featured film she has being working on is set to be released on streaming platforms at the end of May! It was incredible having Jency on the podcast and can't wait to watch Days of Daisy soon.

"When you don't know how to make a film, it is actually better, because you are more creative and you don't think inside the box."
- Jency Griffin Hogan

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Guest Introductions
Act of Storytelling
The War of Art
Meeting Jency's Dad
Roles in Film
5 VHS Tapes on Repeat
Becoming an Actress
Bolting to L.A.
Process of Auditioning
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Louisiana Film Industry
Monster or Mobster
Working with an Oscar Nominated Actor
Making Shorts
Days of Daisy
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Making a Feature Film
Devil's Hitching Post
Claws (Tv Series)
The Making of: Days of Daisy
The Studio
Closing Remarks