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NXT 109 - Melissa Pettavino | Innovative Suit Therapy + Fitness

April 20, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 109
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 109 - Melissa Pettavino | Innovative Suit Therapy + Fitness
Show Notes

Melissa Pettavino is the Owner of Innovative Suit Therapy & Fitness. Melissa told us that she always wanted to go into the medical field but was not sure what area at first. It wasn’t until her experience with physical therapy firsthand through her grandmother, that she realized her calling; when you have been in a profession for 20+ years, you know you have made the correct decision. She started her clinic in 2008 after being relocated to the Northshore from Katrina and saw a need in the Mandeville/Covington area for a therapy clinic specializing in a unique form of therapy. This rare practice of using the TheraSuit and Universal Exercise Unit in PT sessions is only found in 50 other clinics in the United States. Melissa was first introduced to the TheraSuit from a colleague that was using this method with one of her patients. The TheraSuit and Universal Exercise Unit work together using a series of bands to strengthen targeted areas of the body resulting in patients getting stronger, faster. In a session these tools can be equivalent to 10 therapist hands at once! It was interesting learning about this form a therapy and hope this podcast will bring more awareness to others seeking intensive care.

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