The NXT Entrepreneur

NXT 106 – Amy Vandiver | Clover Creative + Flower Fest

March 30, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 106
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 106 – Amy Vandiver | Clover Creative + Flower Fest
Show Notes

Amy Vandiver is the Owner of Clover Creative Agency and Founder of The Flower Fest, here in Baton Rouge! She is a mother of three, an entrepreneur, The Flamingeauxs' dance group choreographer, creative, visionary, branding coach, and also great at sending memes in group chats. How does she manage her work life balance? Laughter! Amy is doing great things throughout the Baton Rouge community included running the Flower Fest which is a 2-day festival in it's 3rd year raising money for St. Jude. There you can enjoy market vendors, food + drink, art installations, photo ops, and more, all designed around the floral theme. In this episode you will learn how Amy went from working in a dentist office to running a creative branding company of her own.

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