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NXT 97 - Kelsey Campion | Fringe + Co.

January 12, 2023 Andrew McLindon Season 3 Episode 97
The NXT Entrepreneur
NXT 97 - Kelsey Campion | Fringe + Co.
Show Notes

Kelsey Campion, Chief Sequin Officer of Fringe + Co, completely derailed her master plan of being a Forensic Psychologist for a life she describes as more fulfilling. Her journey began when she purchased her first very old vintage sewing machine; once she created her first product she never looked back. Kelsey doesn't create anything that she doesn’t love herself and truly enjoys creating moments of magic for her customers. The clothing and accessories that Fringe + Co produces are one of a kind and celebrate the feeling of self-empowerment. Shop all the collections online at; there you will see a range of products such as all things sequin, tinsel jackets, caftans of different lengths, party wraps, a kids collection, and more! 

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